The Support Team
Carrie Schrøter



All round superhuman, Carrie does anything and everything. Yard work, grooming at events, entries and admin. The list goes on! An irreplaceable member of the team.

Paul Schrøter



Paul previously evented his horse, Zorro Rocco, before handing over the reins to Laura so he can focus on Rugby. Paul is still a keen supporter and owner. At events, you'll either find him behind his camera or at the bar!

Henrik Schrøter



Previously a dressage rider and rider at sales and breaking yards in Denmark. Henrik is an experienced set of eyes on the ground and is invaluable help with the younger and sharper horses. Also deputy groom!

Ed Lyall


We are very fortunate to have Ed as our team vet. Ed is an experienced performance horse vet and is a partner at his world class practice, Sussex Equine Hospital, which is conveniently only 2 minutes from us.

Megan Rowland

Head Girl


Megan joined our team in September 2019 to complete her level 3 Apprenticeship after already gaining a distinction in her first year at College. Megan is the backbone of the team and the whole system would not run as smoothly without her.

Joe Gillings



Joe has been the team farrier since 2013 and Laura wouldn't trust anyone else with her horses feet. She just needs to get to Badminton so he can win best shod!

Caitlin McCaffery



Caitlin has been a fundamental member of the team since 2012. She has vast experience and is crucial in making sure the horses and Laura perform their best!

Lucy Gover

Sports Massage Therapist


Lucy started massaging Laura's horses soon after she set up her business in 2015. She keeps all the horses muscles loose and supple. They all very clearly show that they benefit from the treatments.

Damian Hallam

Dressage Trainer

International Dressage Rider, Damian has trained Laura since 2016. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and adapts Laura's training with every horse.